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Hainesport Tool and Maintenance was established in 1961 his two sons William and Gerhard .  The business was started in the basement of their family home.  In 1965 they purchased property at 1924 Ark Road in Hainesport Township where the company is presently located. 

As a young man in Germany Gerhard 8 years in an apprenticeship which entitled him the title Toolmaker Journeyman.  He then earned his passage to America and was employed by prominent companies in the Philadelphia area, including Frankford Arsenal in the Optical Department, General Motors in Trenton, NJ and then joined management at General Machine Products which manufactured many products for the communications industry including Bell Telephone and Western Electric.  In 1961 along with his two sons they started HTM.

The goal of this new company was to have a proprietary product of their own.  Venturing into new fields HTM developed a DoubleDisc Grinder for the grinding industry.  Customers such as IBM, Uniontwist Drill, Sunbeam Mixers, Union Carbide, Norton Manufacturing Co., and Garlock Inc. purchased these special DoubleDisc Grinders for their individual needs. 

In addition to the grinders there was a need in the railroad industry for a track inspection vehicle of all the railroads.  HTM designed and developed a rail inspection vehicle featuring a cab that enabled a two man crew to view each rail while passing to inspect for any damages. Upon detection for damages of the rails and spikes etc., red paint would mark any damaged areas pointing out the need for repair.

Among other achievements of HTM we helped develop and manufacture a Bogey Wheel for Tiger Industries that would fit directly below the rear end of the trailer allowing any trailer the capability of riding directly on the rails.  This was successfully carried out by Tiger Industries ultimately allowing them to set up their own freight line from New York to Chicago. 

Our experience and our journey in manufacturing and development and design encompasses all phases of the tool and design industry and the repair and maintenance industry.

In 1971 Gerhard Sr. retired to Florida and in 1985 Gary bought Williams share of the business.  Gary is still acting as president and Owner to the present date.